Sunday, 5 July 2009

His Birthday

Tomorrow 6 July will be His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 74th Birthday. Today, one day in advance, I went ABC to celebrate and attend the Namgyalma puja with 1000 set of offerings. It was to offer prayers of auspiciousness for His Holiness’ long and stable life and for all his holy wishes to be fulfilled, as well as for ourselves and whomever we would like to dedicate to.

It was a joyous occasion. Despite the very hot and humid morning and noon, during the middle of the puja, light rain came - showers of blessings from the Buddhas. And when the prayers ended at about 5pm, the rain has already stopped. It was only when I came home that the rain poured again, heavy this time. As I have encountered many a times before, during any significant or important puja, there would always be a light shower of blessings from the above.

We ate the long life pills and drank the holy nectar in the form of blessed chocolate and milk respectively. We also sang a birthday song for His Holiness before cutting the cake.

May the Dalai Lama have a fantastic birthday tomorrow!!! May He and all the gurus and masters live long so as they can continue teaching, leading and benefitting many more sentient beings in the Dharma path. Om mani padme hum!!!

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