Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dearly devoted guru

Lama Zopa Rinpoche just left Singapore yesterday afternoon (Wed) to fly to India to meet His Holiness Dalai Lama and to receive His teachings. After 2 weeks of Rinpoche's holy presence and precious teachings and initiation, I am left in awe of even more utmost respect for my amazing root guru, who has guided me a lot this time. We were very fortunate to have Rinpoche with us during this 15 days (14 -28 Feb) which are the 15 days of miracles performed by the Buddha. Rinpoche hardly sleeps and he is always giving teachings or offering prayers or in meditation ALL the time. One of the nights, he taught us for 16 hours non-stop without a break! I was amazed and very very touched by this kind and compassionate Enlightened Being (already a Living Buddha). I have tons of photos (800 of them to be sorted out!), but I'm still a little tired right now because of the very late nights almost every night. Will post more photos when I have time.

Tonight I learnt that Rinpoche has just urgently called ABC that he wants to make ABC a permanent place for light offerings anytime of the day 24/7 and he wishes the preparations to be ready by this Sunday 28 Feb, which is an auspicious merit-multiplying day to mark Shakyamuni Buddha's Enlightenment and Paranirvana.

The merit from making any offering on these days is said to be multiplied 100 MILLION times, and hence offerings made are very powerful! In order to fulfill his wishes as well as for our very own benefit, I have decided to be one of the many sponsors. If Rinpoche calls and gives such urgent instructions at the last minute, I believe he has his own special reasons that are beneficial for all of us and anyone who visits the center. May his wishes be actualised immediately. Click here for the benefits of making light offerings to the Buddhas.

Just the night before Rinpoche left, I had a short dream of him. I dreamt that he was in his room in ABC where he stayed during this trip, and he made a phone call to another room in the same building, which I was inside. A long-haired lady who looked like a secretary answered the call. Throughout the call, I could hear Rinpoche's voice on the phone, very muffled that I could not hear clearly what he was saying, I could only hear his voice. The lady kept nodding her head and kept saying "Yes, Rinpoche.... yes, Rinpoche.... ". And the rest of the dream I could no longer recall.

During one of his teachings on guru devotion, Rinpoche did mentioned something about dreams. He said that by pleasing and making offering to your own guru (any master/teacher who is your guru), all the Buddhas will be pleased with you. For example, the Buddha is like the hot sun and the guru the magnifying glass. Without the magnifying glass, the sun cannot produce fire on its own. Likewise, blessings from the Buddhas cannot be received without the presence of your guru. Rinpoche told me if I have dreams of the Buddhas or gurus, it is my karma from the past, my karmic connection with them, and hence I should focus on that particular Buddha's practice and meditation.

Rinpoche said that even if you did something to please the guru which the guru himself was not told of, but sometimes you get dreams of the guru or the Buddhas, or dream of them giving you gifts. Hence if you receive dreams like this, it means all the Buddhas are pleased with you. The guru who has the karmic connection with you is showing you they are happy with you, even if in real life you do not inform the guru about it. Similarly in the dream, they guide you by revealing various methods to guide you from life to life and then to bring you to enlightenment. Rinpoche said that your guru guiding you in this life is not the first time but since beginningless rebirths. It is just that you could not recognise the guru due to our delusions and we are clouded by various problems, but the guru is guiding you, educating you about karma, so that you can change, purify your negative karma, and to create the cause to collect unlimitless merits. Your virtues come from your guru.
Here is a photo which I requested Rinpoche to autograph for me. I received lots of blessings from my dearly devoted guru on this trip and I am truly truly grateful.

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