Saturday, 20 February 2010

Today is Animals Day! Don't hurt them!

Value and love all the animals you have/see. Don't eat seafood for a day or two or for good. Life has a mysterious way of letting us know that somehow we are connected with the very animals we have eaten or hurt before whether in this life or previous lives. Our karma will get to us if we are not mindful. Our actions count. Do not hurt/harm others.

Time checked: 9.30am
Over at ABC right now we are liberating 131kg of crabs, 3416kg of cockles, 160kg of flower la la, 60kg of gong gong, 40kg of mussels, 788kg of chut chut and many cats, dogs and hamsters etc.. here. Estimated 500,000 animals / lives we are going to save this morning. We are waiting for Lama Zopa Rinpoche now. Rejoice.

Time checked: 3.49pm
Rain came immediately - showers of blessings - right after Rinpoche offered prayers and  blessed all the animals at the center as well as liberated all the sea creatures at sea.  Double Rejoice!

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