Sunday, 7 March 2010

And everywhere he went, they came in droves

I've been so busy with don't know what. There were tons of photos about 800 of them I took when my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche was here. I have finally managed to screen through and compile the below. Photos galore! Please click on the photos if you want a bigger picture. :D

We conducted an animal liberation while Rinpoche was here. He is a compassionate Living Buddha who is always concerned with liberating the lives of not just human beings, but animals and insects as well, and whichever living being who is alive. We liberated crabs (in white boxes) and all the shell fish (on the blue truck) which were estimated to be more than 500,000 lives. Many also brought their pets - dogs, cats, tortoises, hamsters, mice etc.. - all who had the immense fortunate karma to meet Rinpoche and to receive his blessings for liberating them not to be reborn in the lower realms in their future lives. One brave labrador, Seeta, has many sicknesses and lost a leg in an accident. The pails you see were all the blessed water which Rinpoche has conducted lengthy prayers and mantras earlier on. The water would be splashed onto all the animals in order to bless them. By this action, it planted in their mental mindstream, to be blessed and hence may they be reborn as humans in their future lives in order to meet and practice the Dharma path. 

All the owners and their animals crowded around Rinpoche so that he can say prayers for them and chanted numerous mantras for liberation. It was such a touching and warm sight to see the lucky animals in the presence of Rinpoche. I sincerely believe they will be reborn as humans in their next lives. To date, ABC has liberated millions of lives. 

Even us humans received blessings from Rinpoche. Besides mantras, he also blessed us with the stupa in which the Buddha's relic is housed. It was so heartwarming watching Rinpoche eagerly blessing everyone who came near him.

The centre was abuzzed with activities with Rinpoche around for 2 weeks, Many came to attend teachings, initation and prayer sessions and to be able to get connected  with Rinpoche was so fortunate. At the beginning of each session, Rinpoche was warmly received by the devotees. He did 3 full prostrations to the Buddhas before he sat on the high throne seat.

The gompa instantly transformed into a wonderful Pureland where all 1000s of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas were present, with heaps of offerings.

During the long life puja we conducted for Rinpoche, for his long life as well as for our own lives to be free from illnesses and to have a long healthy life. Everyone offered khata and other offerings to Rinpoche. It marked an auspicious occasion. May Rinpoche stay healthy and enjoy a long life so that he, as our guru, can continue to bring many sentient beings to liberation and thus enlightenment.

Hey, see who attended the elaborate puja as well. It was 14-year-old Charok Lama as well as Geshe Tenzin Zopa who came all the way from Malaysia/India for this puja.

Charok Lama is a very special Lama, he is the previous reincarnation of the previous Charok Lama Rinpoche, a yogi/meditator who came from Charok, in the high altitudes of the Sulu Khumbu region of Nepal close to Mount Everest base camp. He meditated many many years in his cave which was close to the Lawudo Lama's cave. The Lawudo Lama is the present Lama Zopa Rinpoche's previous incarnation.

Here were the Sangha. There were many lamas and ani-las (monks and nuns) who flew in specially to attend Rinpoche's teachings. It was 2 blissful weeks of receiving teachings from our guru. Very very precious experience.

Everyone could not get enough of Rinpoche. Everywhere he went, he was waited upon eagerly by all his students and disciples. All were offering khata (scarf offering) to him for his blessings. It is customary to offer white scarves and it will be returned to you as a blessing. We make offerings to the lama out of recognition for his kindness.

People crowded around Rinpoche wherever he went, to see him, to receive his teachings and to have him bless them with his presence.

Rinpoche was ever so patient when everyone wanted to ask him a question. He so kindly listened to each and everyone. And for those with special problems, he prayed for them on the spot.

The day when Rinpoche was to leavefor India to attend the Dalai Lama's teachings, many went to the airport to send him off too. Again it was mountains of khatas being offered to Rinpoche for his blessings. With the number of people there, it was evident proof of Rinpoche's popularity as a high lama. A very compassionate one at that. 

Rinpoche chanted so many mantras to each individual present. I could not helped but be touched. To Rinpoche, whether you are rich or poor or famous or down-trodden, he would listen to you and gave advice.  It is my good karma to be able to meet Rinpoche in this life.

Rinpoche turned around and looked into my camera and waved just before he checked into the departure gate. Thank you for coming to Singapore and for the great connection with you during this short period, Rinpoche! See you again next year!!!

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