Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When a dog is luckier than a human?

On and off, my buddy will MMS photos of her Muffy to me. I just have to show this series of photos. Muffy is such a tame little boy who hardly barks. He just likes to 'nua' (laze around), just like his owner.  >:)

While we 'oooh' and 'ahhh' at how cute and adorable Muffy is, this set of photos made me roll my eyes. The house is his whole mansion. Not only he has a super comfy bed...

.... he also gets to sleep with his owner on her bed every night. And look how well he is being tucked in every night. 

Yes, he has his own soft toy to hug to sleep, just like a baby. 

He is not just a lucky dog. I think he is more fortunate than some humans too, living a carefree life without much worries. 

Me to Buddy: "Buay tahan". *roll eyes*

I told Buddy that when my guru visits Singapore during CNY next year, I must definitely bring Muffy for his blessings. This was CNY 2010 where everyone brought their pets to ABC during Animal Liberation day.  (Photos taken from ABC website).

That was a rare opportunity to get the personal blessings from a high lama, a Living Buddha. Rinpoche blessed every animal in sight with the holy relics in a stupa and chanted many prayers and mantras for each animal. It was an extremely touching sight.

The very lucky and blessed animals and their happy owners. May all the animals be reborn as humans in their future lives.

Here is Lama Zopa Rinpoche's advice on what you can do for your pets everyday:  

"It’s not enough that you look after animals and they give you comfort. You must do something of practical benefit for them. This is what you can do every day:
Circumambulate with them around holy objects, chanting mantras. Recite prayers in their ears to plant the seed of all the realizations of the path to enlightenment. This makes a huge difference. It has incredible results, enabling them to have a good rebirth in their next life, to be born as a human being, and meet the Dharma.

There is a story about when the Buddha gave teachings to 500 swans in a field and in their next lives they were born as humans, became monks, and all became arya beings, able to achieve the cessation of suffering and the true path. So, the result was incredible, just from hearing Dharma words."

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