Friday, 25 November 2011

Rainbow on merit multiplying day

An online friend, pingkwa, posted this beautiful photo of a double rainbow this morning somewhere in Singapore. This is incredibly auspicious and doubly auspicious as today 25 November is also a merit-multiplying day.  It is the solar eclipse. All merits multiply by 100 million times today. It is a good time to take precepts, do practice, go vegetarian and create good deeds.

For Buddhists, the rainbow recalls the Prajnaparamita teaching on the Emptiness of Form. These striking atmospheric manifestations that occur at transitional times of the year, or of changing weather, are also understood in Tibetan Buddhism as indications of blessings from the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, dakinis or deities. Sometimes rainbows often appear as a sign in the skies foretelling the birth of a significant special reincarnate child. 

Amitabha Buddhist Centre FPMT (ABC) will be liberating the lives of 500,000 animals today.
Om mani padme hum! 

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