Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Faye Wong's red cord

I was watching this video clip of mega-star diva, Faye Wong, singing one of her signature songs in her concert a couple of years ago.  I noticed that she was wearing a red cord on her right hand. It was not a surprise to me because she is also a Tibetan Buddhist and presumably this red cord was given to her by her guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who is also my precious guru. I am a little surprised yet happy that she wore it during her concert. So blessed. 

In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the red cord is called a "protection and blessing cord." Traditionally, a lama ties a knot in the cord, then prays over it and blows the power of mantras into it. Then he places it around one's neck as a blessing.  The cord is symbolic of remaining within the protection of our guru's compassionate embrace even after departing from his physical presence. Do not belittle the blessings of such a mere red cord. I myself wear red strings from my gurus as blessing and protection. If you receive a red cord from a lama, especially from your personal gurus, wear it or keep it properly. 
Objects touched or prayed over 
by holy beings are believed 
to be imbued with their 
spiritual energy and blessings.

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