Thursday, 8 March 2012

10,000 Fish Disciples of Jalavahana

On the Day of Miracles, I participated in a group recitation of the Golden Light Sutra in Amitabha Buddhist Centre, as advised by my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The Golden Light Sutra is 21 chapters long and it took us about 5 hours to complete the entire sutra.  

I am very amazed that no matter how many times I recite this sutra, it is always when we reached Chapter 17, the chapter about the "Previous Lives of Jalavahana's 10,000 Fish Disciples", that I would very touched and my hair on my arms would began to stand, my spine, neck and ears were burning hot. I previously blogged about this during different occasions, here and here

It was the story of how 10,000 fishes were saved by a compassionate Jalavahana, a merchant's son, from a drying lake, as well as from flesh-eating animals and vultures. He not only tried to find food for the 10,000 hungry fishes, he also expounded the Dharma to them. As a result, although the 10,000 fishes eventually died, from the animal realm, they were reborn as Gods of the Thirty-Three, due to the virtuous bodhisattava act of the compassionate Jalavahana. He was the Buddha in one of his past lives.

I am still very dumbfounded about this.  Why in this particular chapter that my hair will be standing? And not another chapter which is supposedly even more touching and heart-breaking.  I wish I know why and how. 

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