Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chatting with my guru

Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Last night I had a long dream but I could not recall most of it.  I only remember I was in a big place on top of a hill.  There were many small houses/buildings and rooms. I was exploring and wandering around and there were gompas too. I had to climb slopes and walked through grass fields.  However, I did not see any monks or members of the Sangha community.  

Then I entered a small house, saw a door with curtain, so I flipped open the curtain to take a look at what was inside.  I saw my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche sitting on a cushion on the floor and facing a Buddha. It was a small room. Rinpoche had one attendant with him. With eyes closed, Rinpoche seemed to be meditating. Just as I was considering if I should go into the room to disturb Rinpoche, I suddenly thought, I must go find that yummy herbal gummy which I had with me somewhere, and offer it to Rinpoche (WHY ON EARTH HERBAL GUMMY?!... I have no idea...). So I hurriedly left the room. Just as I was about to leave the house which Rinpoche was in, I saw from a distance, out of the blue, there were zillions of people walking towards me.  The grass slopes on the hill were suddenly filled with thousands of people approaching the house.  

I was a little shocked and overwhelmed, so I quickly retreated back to Rinpoche's room again.  I kneeled down, and whispered "Rinpoche...".  Rinpoche stirred slowly from his meditative pose and opened his eyes. I was very close to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, kneeling besides him, and offering him a khata.  Rinpoche blessed me back with the khata, and I started asking Rinpoche about an upcoming event, and we chit chatted in soft tones. I could not believe I was so close to my guru, his patient face staring down at me which was only a few inches away. He was so gentle and told me a couple of things slowly. I wonder if they were considered instructions. In the dream I kept nodding my head. 

As I made my exit from Rinpoche's room, I saw that the thousands of people had already descended from the hill top and waiting outside, all holding khatas and ready to make offerings to Rinpoche. The entire hill top was crowded and completely filled with people.  End of dream. 

I feel so happy to meet my guru in my dream again. We were chatting so close in the dream, that I felt very calm. Hope to see my precious guru real soon and I will check with him if what he told me in the dream was true. Hehe...

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