Friday, 31 August 2012

It's all from within

Happened to see Sangpo, who is in Singapore, this evening. Sangpo is Lama Zopa Rinpoche's attendant. Tonight before going to sleep, I thought of my guru. Realised I miss Rinpoche a lot.

It suddenly occur to me that I have not ask Rinpoche something which I should have asked a long time ago. Anyhow I must ask him when I next see him.

Tonight I attended the 100 torma offerings puja (Torma Gyatsa). I really like this puja because it is making torma offerings to so many beings, from the Buddhas to protectors to yakshas to earthly gods, to all from the six realms, and especially to the hungry ghosts, hell beings, beings in the intermediate state etc... By making offerings to them, we are also making offerings to all beings whom we owe karmic debts to. It helps us reduce our miserliness as well. Great way to purify our past negative actions and the present obstacles. I usually feel very good after that.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche said, "Real peace and happiness has to come from the heart, from within. From having a good heart with loving kindness, negative actions cannot arise."

That is so true. If we are truly happy, it often shows in our behaviour and actions. It often shows radiantly on our face. Likewise if we are not happy or if something is bothering us, no amount of make-believe chirpiness or pretending to be happy can mask what we feel inside. We can fool others but we cannot fool ourselves, how we truly are inside. Somehow, sometimes, when I talk to people, or when I observe, I do get the feeling and wonder if that person is really happy. I do see a lot of outward happiness. Make-believe happiness is only temporary. It does not and cannot solve the problem. Only when we are willing to look inward to how we feel that we can start to find the real happiness we are looking for. Think of the source of happiness. Find the cause of happiness. It is often within you.  

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