Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Heart to heart

For the 20 months, almost 2 years, that I did not see my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche, I was like a lost lamb. Strangely when one is having obstacles, the guru would not appear (physically), even though the guru is in one's heart all the time. Then having gone through that period of struggles of many kinds, I then realized perhaps that itself (not having the karma to see the guru) was also a lesson in the training of the mind.  For one thing, I learned not to take things, and most importantly, the dharma, for granted. The guru, who is the physical manifestation of the Buddha, may not always be there as and when we wish.

In the airport the previous week to welcome Rinpoche, I managed to have some brief moments with him and to make a request to him (in which he looked at me, then smiled and then laughed). That familiar feeling I felt with him since the very first time I met him, has not changed. Perhaps I've forgotten that feeling, or perhaps I had been blinded by lots of obscurations, but this time, that close feeling with him was revived. All these years, as little as I see of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, every time something will happen to make me realize he will always be my guru. No matter what, nothing, and no one can come between me and my guru. I may have many gurus, but there would always be a special place in my heart for just a couple of gurus and Lama Zopa Rinpoche is one of them.

Tonight while I was volunteering, Rinpoche suddenly made an unplanned appearance. There was no scheduled teaching during this brief stay, and there was not any program tonight. So for the few of us there who managed to receive his blessings, even if for a few minutes, naturally we were blissed out. Such good karma. With Rinpoche, there are always impromptu moments, and they are anything but ordinary. However to me, there is always a tinge of the predictable amidst the unpredictable. Certain things, I knew he knows what I had wanted to ask. And many times, what he taught, already answered what I was thinking.

Tonight, through Venerable Drachom, I also learnt what Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said about the elaborate long life puja we offered him the past Sunday. Rinpoche said that although he did not mention it during the puja, he felt there was good heart connection with those present that day, between the students offering sincerely to him and his heart also felt strongly for and went out to the students that day. What more can you ask for, when the guru says this? 

The karmic connection is sealed, there is no doubt. That is why Rinpoche will be coming back soon again to bestow a special empowerment for us. I know this coming from Rinpoche is not that usual, seeing that sometimes for certain teachings or empowerments, he would often not bestow, or would not start the scheduled topic until the time is ripe, ie. when some get too tired waiting and eventually leave, that is when he would begin, even if it is already way past midnight. I know this only too well. If you didn't know, the meaning of Rinpoche's name, Zopa, means patience in Tibetan. You need lots of it. ;)

So, to have Rinpoche said about having heart to heart connection with us that day, this is such blessed news and even more precious a gift any student can receive from a guru. *tears of joy*

See you soon, precious guru.

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