Thursday, 31 August 2006

It's their choice

Sometimes I wonder if my close friends are really happy with their lives. Or were there times when it's all a facade.

Jess is still with her "fateful" love of her life, although their situation is status quo, again and again. Perhaps it's love, perhaps it's fate. She is cheery and outspoken, and always the bright spark in our group. She has just regained from her one year bitter ordeal with her business partners, but career-wise, she has "flipped back" in shape, as she put it. So glad for her. So now is love life. She truly believes she has found the man who loves her and whom she loves too, but circumstances are such that they can't be together as yet. All I can say is, it's her choice, it's her life. Somehow things will be straightened out, sooner or later.

Then there's Liyan. Supposedly happily married and gone overseas with hubby who is working there, plus a toddler son, the precious spark of her life. I would never have thought she would become the mother she is. Everything revolves around her son and religion now. She can drop anything everything at her son's beck and call. I always wonder if the hubby is happy. Or if she is happy. She is the only "tai tai" among us who can afford not to work to care for her only baby. However she maintains she is a poor housewife. A housewife so poor but can afford to splurge on her son? Again, it's her choice.

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