Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Managing ok

I am enjoying my work. I think I am suited for management. Managing projects big and small, managing my staff, managing sales people's activities. Managing new tasks and responsibilities. Managing operations. As I'm given more opportunities and more autonomy and wider scope to learn, I think I am really beginning to be what I know I would like to do - managing. Need not be a boss. But good enough to be in a position to guide and help all the functions of running a company. I don't like working alone. And I don't like detailed nitty gritty stuff. Which is why I like managing. Especially interacting with and motivating people.

Actually from day one when I did my MBA, I know I am suited to manage. And I always liked the topic "Strategic Management" most. There is no hard and fast rule on anything. I learnt that be it managing a job, managing people, we need to be flexible, be able to move with the flow. To flow with the move. There is no straight jacket answers to everything. It has to be our own road to discovering how best you want to resolve a situation or manage a person, through good or bad "live" experiences.

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