Thursday, 31 August 2006

Own standards

Last night I felt quite sad. Over dinner, my 2 friends were stupifed and stunned that at our age, I am still not saving as much as I should. Maybe they thought I am a spendthrift. Maybe they didn't know my difficulties. But since when did I say I don't have money? I am just contented. You can possess all the tens of thousands of money in the world or even millions, but what if you die tonight? What's your regrets? Your pots of money?

Just because they are doing extremely well in their lives, does not mean that others are in the same luxurious ship as they. One can afford not to work, supported by struggling husband, spending huge amounts on children's education and playthings and even travelling. The other is earning loads and loads of money from her business, splurging on typical single women's stuff, like spa, exercise machines, branded clothes, expensive cosmetics and skincare, leather bags, jewellery etc etc...

Yes, they are spending within their means, maybe. They can afford it anyway. But they don't understand that sometimes other people may not be in as lucky positions as they. What about those folks who have to struggle to survive for a living, non-progressive career, huge family burden, debt-ridden and having bad luck in life. Just too unfortunate?

Take for example my mom, I think she's had a hard life taking care of the family all her life. Now she's in her mid 60s. With weak legs, but still want to work. I just want to do my best to get her the simple stuff that she likes and would not be willing to spend the money on. It could be a simple Harrods bag. It could be a pair of semi-precious stone ear rings. Or a handphone. Or a cooking pot she's been eyeing. Or overseas travelling. Or to a restaurant she's been craving for. Or just making the small effort to wake up early to call a cab and fetch her to work because it's raining heavily. Otherwise she would have taken a bus in the rain, and walk a long distance to work, with her weak legs.

The point I am trying to make is, while you are enjoying life, make sure you don't forget others who are more unfortunate, be it your parents or friends, who might not be doing as well as you. They may be just "not doing well" in your standards. They don't need to live according to your standards, you know.

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