Saturday, 21 April 2007

Best of both worlds?

You can see that my nephew has single eyelid on one eye and double eyelids on the other. Just as he can be an angel or rascal almost at the same time, sometimes!

Nephew: Do you know A stand for what fruit?
Me: Apple
Nephew: No, Ang Moh Tan!!! (Hokkien for Rambutan)

Nephew: B stand for what?
Me: Banana
Nephew: Noooo....Baluku !!!! (Malay for fruit Buah Duku)

Nephew: C stand for what?
Me: Cempedak !!
Nephew: Noooooo...C-kway (Hokkien for watermelon!)

Nephew: D stand for what?
Me: Durian!
Nephew: Nooooooooo.....D24!!! (superior grade of Durian!) HAHAHAHA!!!

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