Saturday, 14 April 2007

In pain!

Dragged my nephew to the sinseh for his bad cough. He was given a massage by the therapist as well. Don't worry, he was not wailing in pain. He was screaming in laughter, as he felt very very ticklish. The therapist almost gave up in exasperation!

I was also dead painful these few days. My back, that is. Apart from an inflamed sore throat that came back, my back near the hips are aching badly that I have problem getting up from bed each time. So decided to see the sinseh myself, since the western medicine didnt seemed to be working, as my throat was getting swollen by the minute.

The sinseh was recommending I go for the massage (tui na) - Chinese Bodywork Massage Therapy. So for one hour, the therapist did everything on my neck and backache, giving me the "electric" therapy, followed by hard massage, and followed by the cup thingy. He pushed 4 cups on my back to suck uout all the bad qi. Then it ended with him distorting and
twisting my legs and neck and arms in all directions. End of it ... shiok.... I felt so much better. I think I need more tui na.

The TCM clinic is at:
Yu Guo Chinese Physician Acupuncture & Physiotherapy
398 Changi Road #01-08/11 Singapore 419845. Tel: 64474761

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