Thursday, 19 April 2007


I didn't really like the state of things these 2 weeks (because I almost broke my back!). Hence last night I re-arranged my room again! You must know that I have a habit of re-arranging my home furniture whenever I feel it's time for a change. And it can be rather impromptu.

Last night within 3 hours, I pushed my king-sized bed back to the wall so that I have more walking space. And stacked up all my Ikea boxes (20 to be exact) high up instead of pushed aside on the floor. And "recreated" a table for my laptop using my tall Ikea shelf. Currently I had put my laptop on a tiny computer table and the height of it, plus the fact I am sitting on my bed when I am surfing, didn't help in my sitting posture! Also again, I discovered more junk which I do not want. Within 3 hours I shifted 20 heavy boxes and the major furniture, vacuumed the dust, throw my 2 weeks' unwashed laundry to the kitchen, tidied up all the books, and pack all the knick knacks lying around.

Anyway, if I didn't do anything, was afraid I might hurt my back again. Hopefully its better fengshui!

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