Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fish Mart Sakuraya

While in Parkway, I had a little snack at Fish Mart Sakuraya. This eatery is one of my favourite places for very fresh sashimi. At first glance, Fish Mart Sakuraya looks like a Japanese supermart selling Japanese food and condiments. However, right inside is a huge stainless steel kitchen which is so busy. They sell slabs and slabs of fresh sashimi. There are only 4-5 small wooden tables at the end of the store for diners.

Displayed in the counter refrigerator, are swordfish belly, tuna belly, fresh huge clams, trays of sea urchin, squid, bamboo clams, giant oysters, as well as salmon, tuna, scallops and prawn. We just need to order the slab we choose and they would slice and serve us immediately. I usually order the sashimi, squid (very chewy crunchy) and their potato salad (very nice) and they go well with the very hot green tea. Do not order rice in this place, as their bentos are prepacked, and does not taste as fresh.

In the store there are also shelves stuffed with bottles and packages of ingredients imported directly from Japan. They also sell Japanese desserts (calpis popsicles) and frozen fish.

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