Monday, 18 August 2008

Handphone freak

I have a weakness. I am a handphone freak. I can avoid spending money over other stuff, but I am absolutely gamed/proned to get the latest mobile models when they were just launched. For more than a decade, I have changed handphones every 6 to 12 months. I am a hopeless incorrigible phone flirt who changed mobile mobiles more than I probably changed new underwear! I tire of my phones pretty often - it's a phenomenon I can't explain. The only way I could avoid buying phones is... don't let me see them (on display, in internet reviews, aggressive adverts etc....). Over the years, I went gaga over the slightest features and functions as technology evolved and phones got prettier and more sophisticated... be it slim and slick size, camera xxx-megapixel, voice dial, sms thread, 3G-enabled, internet-surfing, games, smart calendars, clamshell phones, swivel phones, numerous cases etc... imagine from the humongous 大哥大 in those days to my latest mobile Sony Ericsson W890i. Allow me to share with you, my phones through the years... in fact I think I have left out some models because there were simply too many to remember. I am posting them here now in case I grow old and senile next time to remember.

And next on my (itchy-hands) list which I am eyeing, is..... tadah! ....the slim NOKIA E71. I have compared it to HTC Touch Diamond, IPHONE, and Samsung Omnia, and I think it is a worthy opponent with equal great features (plus QWERTY keyboard) and with a price which is not over rated than the famous 3.

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