Sunday, 31 August 2008

A moment defined

I happened to think that in the 9pm show "Defining Moment" on Channel 8, veteran Zhu Hou Ren and Fann Wong acted splendidly in their "mad" moments when they were supposed to be lunatics. Fann was misled to think she inherited the mental illness from her late grandmother. Her emotions, endless tears, her fears and anguish and helplessness, was splendid, portaying someone who thought she was going mad. I have always liked Zhu Hou Ren's great acting ability. He played Fann's uncle and he was supposed to be the one in the show who turned mad eventually, and who inherited his late mother's genes. He was convincing portraying a greedy, edgy, conniving, temperamental cunning man who turned mad in the end. Last episode coming monday night.

Indeed, sometimes in life, as Fann puts it in the show ....."we've been through so much but why is our relationship so fragile?"

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