Friday, 29 August 2008

TGIF and time to R&R

I just login to my office email at 11.15pm tonight and I saw my client's email and it was good news. Yes I closed another deal. This made my friday night a relief. Was chasing for more final closing because it's the end of the month. Was a little exhausted this week but I think it has been a good week and month. Sometimes I think there are so many things and plans and strategies I want to try out for this business but I just don't have enough time everyday. Ultimately, my aim is, every company will get to know me in my type of business, in say, one year's time. If I succeed in doing that, business will flow in naturally. By then, I would like to grow the business by leaps and bounds. The picture seems clearer now.

TGIF and thank god it has been a good month.

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