Saturday, 27 September 2008

Extreme beings

Sometimes during the course of my work outside, I go to different parts of Singapore, from the most ulu to the most posh places. Sometimes these places are really far away and whom I would never imagine that these places and people I met existed. In fact what I saw was more of the sad than the happy. Why? Because I saw how many people worked in the hot sun, or in hot factories, some of these people are deprived of certain comforts. I saw the danger some people faced everyday when they are at work. I saw how busy and desperate people worked for their living, to make their lives better. Some are starving, some are poor. Some are rude and loud, but underneath, they are just human beings. I learnt to see the kinder side of people, by observing and appreciating the hardship they faced. Although I have been to some posh places, where the people are at the top rungs of society, where they wield power over others. Some are snobbish and proud, some are totally oblivion to those lower than themselves. They are supposedly to be happy beings. But seeing their superficiality, makes me even sadder than seeing the poorest pathetic person. That's what I meant when I say I see more of the sad than the happy....

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting!

    The world can be a dark place;however, there is light that I have come to find...and he is the "Light of Men".

    Peace be with you!


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