Thursday, 4 September 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is Asia's first children's garden. Dedicated to all children of Singapore, it is designed to provide unique discovery and learning experiences in a garden setting.

Thought niece and nephew would be delighted to explore the place. The plants were interesting and highlighted with sign boards everywhere in the shape of the butterfly. And there were activities they could do. But unless kids are interested in nature, otherwise I think they would prefer their cartoon on TV and shopping compared to this garden. I think adults are more interested in this place. Verdict from kids: "Boring".

Some of the features of the Children’s Garden include:

Fantastic Forest – A forest of adventure where kids learn about the tropical rainforest as they explore the Tree House and Suspension Timber Bridge, play hide-and-seek around the gigantic trunk from a 100-year-old Pometia pinnata tree, huddle through the cave and Tunnel of Frangipani, learn about nutrient cycling and decomposition in the Mushroom Shelter, and get up-close with many unusual plants.

The Magic of Photosynthesis – An interactive exhibit where children discover photosynthesis and why this magical process is fundamental to all life on earth.

A-Maze-ing Play – A unique maze garden that changes configuration so that kids experience different twists and turns each time they visit the Garden.

Coffee, Tea or Chocolate – An introduction to plants that provide beverages like coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The ‘Living’ Classrooms – Four classrooms where more intensive learning is encouraged. The classrooms are open for rental by schools who want to conduct nature education in a garden setting.

For more details, please kindly visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens website at or call 64717138 / 64717361.

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