Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Kyoto Sabo Ajitei

Went to try the food from Ajitei, the Jap restaurant with niece and nephew. They recommended the Tofu Hamburger. It was fried tofu in the shape of a hamburger patty, minus the hamburger with spagetti and veggies, served in a hot plate . The portion was too little for an adult, although the Tofu patty was juicy enough, almost like a burger. The kids ordered kids meal with char siew ramen and prawn tempura and egg. The salmon sashimi is a must for niece everytime in a Jap restaurant. We also tried the dessert with green tea ice cream, peach, macha, red bean and jelly. I like the green tea mochi macha which was coated generously with green tea powder. It was a little too bitter for the kids' liking. I also had a good time sipping the plum sake soda, which was niceeeeee.

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