Friday, 19 September 2008


I am down with sore throat and backache. Been trying to contain my sore throat by taking lots of honey, a super aloe vera concoction, and taking cough drop sweets etc... but after one week, I succumbed to the sore throat, it got more sore and painful, as I need to talk and talk everyday. And I did not get enough rest everyday too as I am outside most of the time running about.

My back problem always happened once every 2-3 weeks these days. After I went for massage it got better but the following week it was back to square one. I was wondering was it due to work stress or the chair in the office, or was it due to the laptop I had to carry with me everywhere I go. Or the bad fengshui of the old office? When I saw the doctor last night, he told me my right rib was a little out of alignment, and on the spot he pressed and poked it back in place. I felt slightly better. So now I have to nurse my sore throat cum backache.

And I supposed to go somewhere this weekend.....gosh...

1 comment:

  1. seem like i have friend loh...regarding the pain

    omg..sure is suffering now
    take good care...


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