Saturday, 25 October 2008

Accidental memory

I remember long time ago when my niece was still in childcare, this was what happened one day when she came back from school. We found her shoulder bruised with blue-black marks and her left eye there was a red spot. We didn't know what happened, and the little girl also couldn't tell us what happened. We hit the roof, naturally. Either the teacher did it to her, or she hurt herself accidentally. I made sure I took photos of the evidence in case we need to report to the police. When confronted, the principal checked it out, and said one of the teachers was "a bit rough and accidentally scratched her eye with her finger". We asked how accidental could that be. It was obvious the teacher was negligent and rough towards a 5 year old girl! We heard after that, that teacher was dismissed. Apparently, a few parents and kids have complained about that teacher as well.

So whenever I see this photo again, I will still flip!

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