Friday, 24 October 2008


These are what my mom does in her free time - making beads. She has tried making necklaces, watches, ear rings, bracelets, rings etc... I have a few items she made, which I like, like flower ring, and the angel handphone strip. My mom does many of the items for school fun fairs, or charity fund raising, and she sold to the school or others almost at cost. That means she did not make any profit of the beads she made. Other times, she would make all the aunts and nieces in the family some items for special occasions like christmases or gatherings. Or she will give to her friends. My mom is a generous person, she will give to others most willingly within her means. And she never think of making any money for her efforts.

Her other hobbies are flower arrangement, baking cakes and cookies, and she likes to go aqua aerobics or yoga. She is a pretty much hands-on person. And I think she is happy doing all these. What more can you ask for a retired lady in her mid 60s? So long she is happy.

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