Saturday, 25 October 2008

400 Offerings/Cleansing Puja & Vajrasattva Initiation

I attended the 2 pujas and 1 initiation on the first day of Lati Rinpoche's program - the 400 Grand Offerings & Cleansing Puja as well as the Eliminating-Disease & Subduing-Demonic Forces Grand Puja - and also the Vajrasattva Initiation.

The 400 grand offerings puja was specially passed down by Lord Buddha to subdue the four demons. The offerings include 100 stupas (to overcome the Demon of 5 Contaminated Aggregates), 100 ritual cakes (to conquer the Demon of Desires), 100 light offerings (to eradicate the Demon of Delusion) and 100 human-effigies (to subdue the Demon of Death).

Performing this puja helps significantly in overcoming all major obstacles, prolonged period of bad luck and all negativity, especially those relating to supernatural forces. This puja aids in overcoming charms and spells, pacifies inauspiciousness from small conflicts to major calamities, avoid attacks from plague and other diseases.

The Eliminating-Disease & Subduing Demonic Forces Grand Puja specially clears obstacles to health, dispels all demonic forces, especially those leading to illnesses.This special puja aims to clear obstacles and harm caused by mamo beings. The mamos are impregcatory female spirits from the hungry ghost realm, they invoke curses and imprecations, inflicting plague on living beings as well as harm animals. In our daily lives, we may unknowingly offend the mamos who may cast a spell on humans. Usually it also depends on the individual karma too. Should the person not have sufficient merits, he/she will be more prone to harm from the mamos.

The SARS disease is a kind of plague which would have been caused by the mamos. Lati Rinpoche made a special visit to Singapore on May 2003 to perform a 6-day grand puja to overcome the SARS disease, under the special invitation from Mrs Goh Chok Tong.

Om Benza Sattva Hum!

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