Sunday, 26 October 2008

Namtose Wealth & Merit-Increase Puja & Initiation

Day 2 of the event, after attending my friend's daughter birthday party, I proceeded straight to Suntec for the afternoon puja as well as initiation in the evening. It was the Namtose Weath & Merit Increase Grand Puja, followed by Namtose Empowerment.

In Buddhism, fortune and wealth refers to "merit", because everything good that we possess is established from merit. Every form of success, every piece of happiness, every kind of enjoyment can only be materialised should there be enough merit to support it. If there is no or insufficient merit, then one encounters many negative conditions and obstacles. Even in the Buddhist path, you also need to practise and fulfill both merit accumulation as well as karma purification to be able to attain Bodhicitta.

Namtose or Vaisravana is a famous protector and wealth deity of Esoteric Buddhism. Eventhough he has achieved supreme Enlightenment since infinite aeons before, he manifested himself as a Bodhisattva with the aim of helping others overcome poverty and misery. He vowed to protect the Dharma and guide all its practitioners in the future aeon. He has promised Buddha Shakyamuni to preserve and protect the teachings of the Buddha. Thus the Namtose puja summons immense positive wealth energies upon the puja participants and can help to change the course of one's financial situation. It was also a great opportunity to accumulate merit, purify negative karma as well as make prayers for all sentient beings to be free from poverty and suffering in this current economic situation.

We could bring along our own blessed consecrated wealth vases from home to recharge wealth blessings and energies during the puja. This is the first time Lati Rinpoche is conferring upon this Namtose blessing initiation which includes the principle Vaisravana as well as his 8-strong retinue. Judging from the thousands of people who turned up, it was a great day.

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