Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ku Chai Kueh

Being a half Teochew, I like this Teochew snack alot - Ku Chai Kueh. It is steamed cakes with chives inside, wrapped in the shape of a curry puff. My whole extended family of typical Teochews also likes this kueh.

My grandma in her younger days likes to make this kueh. But the effort is tremendous. First she needs to prepare the ingredients which are chives and mushrooms and pork. All are chopped into tiny pieces, and stir fried. Then it is the kneading the flour into elastic dough. Afterwards, each piece of dough is flattened and wrapped with the ingredients, and then steamed.

We like it steamed straight from the stove, and goes well with garlic chilli and sweet black sauce. Sometimes, my grandma will stir fry the kueh lightly so that it is slightly crispy which is very fragrant. Not many people likes the smell and taste of chives or the ku chai. But our family loves it!

1 comment:

  1. The Tibetan half of my family (my in-laws) makes something very similar!! The fresh garlicky tasting greens taste sooooo good with the soft dough and spicy sauce. Yum!


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