Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mee Poh Dry, anyone?

Today is Hari Raya holiday, I slept through the whole morning, and was awakened by friend who came by. By the time I was fully awake, I was hungry and there was no food in the house, except Instant Mee of course. One of my favourite instant noodle brand is Myojo for their instant Dry Mee Poh (dry noodle). The other brand which I like is Nissin Chu Qian Yi Ding brand. I know I just had the famous Bak Chor Mee last night but I didn't mind instant noodle anytime.

I boiled the soup first with some chicken stock and throw in the Mee Poh. I added and mixed all the condiments, sauce, chilli oil, sesame oil, chilli sauce in a plate. I am having the dry version today. After 3 minutes I sieved out the cooked noodles and mixed it well with my sauces. Then I continued throwing in cherry tomatoes and sausages from Bangkok in the boiling soup. After a minute, I seived it out again. and added them onto the noodles. I continued cooking the soup by throwing in 2 eggs. My instant noodle always must have eggs. I made sure the eggs were not cooked till they disappeared into the soup. This is because I prefer to "chew" on my eggs and mix it a little with my dry noodles. So my lunch was ready in about 5 minutes, cooked in between TV commercials. Totally no interruption to my TV programme. Haha.

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