Sunday, 12 October 2008

Planting the seed of affinity

This morning I am so happy to receive the newsletter "In The Loop of Bliss" and programme for Lati Rinpoche's upcoming events in Drophenling center as well as Suntec grand event.

This year's event is entitled "The Seed of Special Affinity With Buddha Maitreya". One of the main highlights of this Grand Puja which Rinpoche has personally expressed to confer, is the Buddha Maitreya Six-Element 1000 Offerings Grand Puja and Initiation. Rinpoche wishes that all devotees will be able to plant the seed for special affinity to be created with the Lord Maitreya, the future Buddha. When all conditions fulfill, this seed will ripen and we will have the special affinity to meet and become the close disciples of Buddha Maitreya, be able to receive teachings directly and attain the unparalleled Bodhicitta state of mind.

And this initiation coincided with the recent adoption of my new second name, Triya ( which I derived from Maitreya). I think this will be my first Buddha Maitreya initiation. I had my first BUddha Shakyamuni initiation from Lati Rinpoche a few years ago and I can testify on the potent power of Rinpoche and Lord Shakyamuni. Not any ordinary monk can give the initiation of Shakyamuni and Maitreya. Only qualified masters who have received the unbroken lineage of these Buddhas are allowed to confer initiation ceremonies. Hence when initiated by qualifed gurus, you receive the blessings of your Master and the Buddha, as well as the blessings of the whole unbroken lineage which traces back to Buddha's time.

I am so looking forward to Rinpoche's arrival tomorrow morning, and tonight's special puja for him.

"It is like planting a seed, whereby later with the right conditions, the seed will ripen, sprout and grow into Buddhahood."


  1. That's such a tremendous blessing! I hope you enjoy every moment you get to spend in His presence.

    I met him many years ago at a Vajrasattva empowerment in California. Incredible experience.

  2. HI, thanks! You are truly blessed too!

  3. do you have a detailed breakdown of the programmes and initiations?


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