Saturday, 4 October 2008


Recently my friends and I discovered this designer brand of leather goods cute and of good quality. It is an UK brand, Radley, which featured a doggie as their mascot. Radley bags are now the highest selling designer bag in the U.K. and yet the first bag was only created in 1998. It was designed by a Lowell Harder, the colourful bags soon started attracting a very loyal following. As a self confessed dog lover Lowell started putting cut out images of a Scottish Terrier on her bags and the public loved them! Every Radley bag and accessory created since now has the famous Scottie logo on it. Read its history here.

Its price is on the mid range but its packaging and cute designs are endearing. Radley has a wide range of purses, wallets, coin purses, card holders, passport holders, jewelley boxes, cosmetic pouches, handphone pouches, and a even wider range of handbags, workbags and even luggages. In addition they have sunglasses, umbrellas and key rings. Among my friends, we have bought a few of such items, since we are all dog lovers, and the Scottie is simply too cute to resist.

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