Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Shoe that breathes

Saw a newspaper ad today about a warehouse sale for GEOX shoes. Immediately I went to have a look. I have been wanting to buy a pair of GEOX shoes because I heard they are "the shoe that breathes". I was put off by the prices which are selling at about S$188 and above. I am an advocate of comfort quality leather shoes, because I believe we must wear shoes that are comfortable, as the shoes are supporting our whole weight. Especially so for working women who have to wear heels all day, the comfort is an important factor. That explains why I seldom buy PVC shoes which will be worn out and spoilt before I say the word "hello". I normally buy leather shoes, be it for work or casual wear. So comfort, with the additional advantage of "the shoe that breathes" is a pretty good selling point, as I have sweaty feet.

As it was the last day of sale, most shoes and sizes were sold out. So when I found the heels with my size, I grabbed it. It was standard heels for work, so I chose the safe colour of black. The 2nd pair I chose brown (which was lower heels and can be for both casual and work). The red one did not have my size anymore. Rich Friend who has bought hers in a sale from HK, testified it was good, as she had a problem with sweaty feet as well. Underneath are perforated soles where the holes allow sweat and moisture to be purged out. So I am happy with my warehouse buy, my first 2 pairs of GEOX, each costing $99, about a third or half of what was the normal retail price. :)

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