Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Start of the day

Sometimes if I have spare time when I wake up, I like to take pictures of myself - my face. I normally take many many snaps (about 30-40 shots), just to check whether I am looking fine before the start of the day...whether my eyes are puffy, whether my forehead is dark or clear, whether I need to trim my eyebrows, whether there is a pimple somewhere, whether my lips are too dry or just perfectly pink.

Most importantly I just want to make sure I start the day on the right foot. I do tend to compare my face on different days and analyse, did everything go smoothly for the day when I look bright and chirpy or did something happen during the day when I looked tired and down with poor energy. Just an inkling of how to foresee stuff in order I can improve the good or prevent the bad. Normally I feel I do look my best immediately when I wake up compared to later part of the day.

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