Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Arabian nights

More of the amazing photos I took of the Desert Safari. I won't forget the beautiful sunset, and the sand dunes and the fantastic heavenly weather. By the way, that's me in the traditional abaya (with face covered) for ladies - the attire is all black, a black long dress with black long sleeves. The men wear a full-length, loose garment with long sleeved called thawb and mostly they are white. I was wondering.... what happens if black is my unlucky colour?

I would like to thank David and Veg for their hospitality during the past 10 days in Dubai and for being my driver, fetching me everywhere. I think we had a very nice time together with Rich Friend, recalling our past in school, remembering the names of our old classmates, and also all the boo-boos we went through in our younger days. Till we meet again very soon..... take care!

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