Sunday, 16 November 2008

As fine as sand

I went on the desert safari today. The day before, there was a sand storm in Dubai. The night before, it rained (which was something very rare in Dubai - rain). I told Veg - wah such coincidence, while I am here, there was rain ..... water ..... "yao shui" ...means got wealth. Good sign. Hehe.

Because of the rain and sand storm the day before, today the desert was especially beautiful. Look at the fine tiny particles of the sand, they were so fine. And the sand dunes were beautiful. the result of the wind. You could see the desert wind blowing across the slopes of fine sand. I was in a 4-wheel drive, and we went up and down, up and down throughout the desert, like a roller coaster, for a good 45 minutes. What a bumpy ride but quite fun. Not for the faint hearted as it could make one nauseous.

I managed to capture plenty of nice shots. I saw the sunset in different stages. I saw the huge red red sunset, something we hardly see in Singapore. More pixs soon.

"The mind is as large as the sky, and our actions need to be as fine as sand."

This Buddhist quote summarizes the intimate connection of contemplative presence and action. A fully graced contemplative presence is free, boundary-less, and loving, and this presence is not just an end in itself but is meant to be a gift for others.

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