Monday, 3 November 2008

Gonna break free~!

Last week, I have inked a contract for an independent partnership so that I can create a niche in this area, something which I am familiar with. If my other plan is successful, it would be ideal! But that will have to wait a few more rounds/weeks. Then I will have the best-of-both-worlds arrangement.

At least things are moving slowly, positively for me, so far so good. I am not being fussy, but I have to consider whether I can work with the person I am working with. That's very important in the long run. I dislike sabotage, betrayal and games. And sometimes, you have an inkling whether you can click with someone or not. Whether you are an employer or employee, you have a choice. So far, these few weeks, I have met quite a few nice and kind people who have helped me.

Rich Friend has been asking me since last year if I am interested to visit our buddy, Veg, in Dubai. She asked me again today because she will be going there for a business trip next week. I think I have been putting off a trip to Dubai for the longest time, as Rich Friend and Veg have been asking me to visit. So I guess this time I have to say YES! It will be a "sponsored" trip for me, plane ticket courtesy of Rich Friend and lodgings courtesy of Veg! AINT'T I LUCKY ??? So I am 99%
confirmed I am going. Been longing for a faraway trip since last year (the nearby trips didn't count), but I really didn't have the luxury to go anywhere as I couldn't afford the time due to many constraints and happenings. I guess I couldn't say no this time, as I really need a break.... badly.

So.... Dubai, here I come! :D

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