Thursday, 13 November 2008


It's the start of the school holidays! Brought niece and nephew out for lunch before I fly off. We went to MOF (Ministry Of Food), wanted to reward them for their good year-end exam results. Both are promoted and able to continue to be in the top class of the school next year. I am so proud of them. They ordered the 2 different kids sets and I ordered the Spicy Char Siew Ramen. The kids' appetites were good today, they added the salmon sashimi and the tamago sushi as well. And they had to have their desserts, as usual, the famous Hokkaido ice cream and milkshake. Kids are kids, they were so noisy and cheeky throughout, that we adults had to struggle with their hyperactive energy sometimes.

Notice the area below niece's right eye was all bruised. She fell down few days ago at her friend's house and hurt her face as well as her legs. I gave her a new nickname - "Little Miss Clumsy".

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