Friday, 28 November 2008

Spaced out

Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food. - William Hazlitt

I may not be a witty person, so during meals with friends, I normally tend to be the quiet one and eat my food and sip my drink, although I have been told I am by character, talkative. My friends are usually even more chatty than I am. They would talk about anything under the sky, and sometimes also pretty noisy. Basically sometimes when people talk, they do not necessarily want to listen to what you have to say, because they want to be listened to. And I do not mind being the listener. This is not really interaction as it's a one-way communication. Actually, sometimes, I really do not mind just be the one sitting back, and listening to my friends' chatter - sometimes can be entertaining, sometimes gossipy, and sometimes embarressingly loud. But mostly I do prefer to have only one companion when I go out, instead of a whole group. This is because I find that when it's one-to-one, it is easier to communicate and share stuff personally. And you get to understand the individual better and vice versa. That is why sometimes I do not like to go out in a group, it is more often than not, senseless banter.
Somehow in a group, besides being entertaining and great for networking, it has less substance to me, nothing for my soul.

I remember long ago, on an overseas trip with 2 friends, it was a 12-day vacation package. My 2 friends were pretty excited and were talkative most of the time, when we were in the coach driving from one place to another. I think it was on the 4th day that I started to get a little irritated, because they were talking and talking throughout, as I plugged into my then CD player. And that evening, when they went out pubbing, I stayed behind in the hotel room and just chilled. I guess I just need my own space sometimes.


  1. It's hard to have "space" in our society lah..
    Cramped hdb flats, buses, trains.
    What more in our adult working world, we learn very quickly to be quiet is to be outcast or misunderstood...

    thats life

  2. So true, sometimes i feel the same, too. And i'm also the quiet one, just listening to the conversation.

  3. Thanks guys, for making me feel I not the odd one out :)


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