Thursday, 20 November 2008

Uptown Mirdiff, eastern Dubai

My friend in Dubai lives near this quaint and popular neighbourhood called Uptown Mirdiff, which is a cluster of residential apartments and shops and restaurants. She lives in a villa, which is the equivalent of a semi-detached house in Singapore context, and it is barely a 5-minute drive from Uptown Mirdiff to her house.

While during my stay there, I went to Uptown Mirdiff a few times, for grocery shopping at Spinneys, for a sandwich in Gourmet Burger Kitchen. There are Starbucks, Mothercare, Claires, La Senza, McDonalds, Baskin-Robbins, 2XL, Damas, Adidas and more. I really like the Grand Piazza, the covered colonnade leading to open style walkways, dotted with cafes, restaurants and shops in a relaxed environment. Life in Uptown Mirdiff
provides a wealth of facilities to keep the neighbourhood full of activity. Plus, the weather in Dubai has turned better, the days are sunny but not hot, the nights are cool with a relaxed feel.

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