Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Shophouses galore

Sometimes when I pass by shophouses, I will snap a few photos. I just love the feel of the historic facade, the unique architecture with different designs that has its roots back to past centuries. Different flavours of different eras resulted in a rich history throughout different countries within Southeast Asia. A shophouse opens up to a public walkway, which we called a "five-foot way". Nowadays you can still find shophouses in different parts of Singapore, and these are converted into residences, or commercial offices, or hotels or restaurants or remained as shops. Due to wear and tear, most were refurbished, a conservation effort by the government. One area is around North Bridge Rd and Bugis and the famous Arab St where many Malays and locals and foreigners shop and eat in the delightful shophouses. Another area is near Shenton Way, from Chinatown to Amoy St to Club St to Ann Siang Hill. Nearby shophouses can also be found along Neil Rd, Keong Siak St, Teck Lim St etc... This area is where former Chinese immigrants conducted their business and trade. There is of course Little India area too. Another popular area where shophouses are preserved, is the Katong area from Joo Chiat Rd to Tembeling St and more...... home to many Peranakans in the older days. I just love the adorable shophouses, their colourful facade and rich history. Hope they are preserved for our future generations as well.

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  1. rustic environments with heritage stamped on it will always be a breath of fresh air to many:

    Singapore's basically this big construction site with maddening road construction, shopping mall revamps, new cineplexes...etc...

    Ironically it's those that are "old" or "ancient" that brings tranquility and peace


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