Tuesday, 5 June 2012

What Tibetan Buddhists do on Saka Dawa

Tibetan Buddhists celebrate Saka Dawa which is similar to the Chinese Mahayana Vesak Day. Because it is a merit-multiplying month where merits increase 100 million times, lots of virtuous deeds and Dharma practice is encouraged during this period. Here shows you a rough idea how Tibetan Buddhists celebrate Saka Dawa. As Buddhists, we try to perform these virtuous actions 24/7, however the acts are multiplied millions times especially during Saka Dawa, thus it is highly auspicious.

 On Saka Dawa, we pay homage to our teachers/gurus. 
On Saka Dawa, we make light offerings to the Three Jewels. 
 On Saka Dawa, we make torma offerings to the Buddhas and all transcendental guests.
On Saka Dawa, we make mandala offering.
 On Saka Dawa, we make beautiful flower offerings.
On Saka Dawa, we make extensive prayers to the BuddhaDharma.
 On Saka Dawa, we circumambulate around holy stupas or holy places.
On Saka Dawa, we do extensive retreats and focus on Dharma practice, especially NyungNe. 
 On Saka Dawa, we attend pujas and practise generosity by making mountains of offerings.
On Saka Dawa, we make prostrations and aspiration prayers to all holy objects which are the representation of the Buddha.
 On Saka Dawa, we contemplate on our precious human life. 
 On Saka Dawa, we collect merits when we are given a holy blessed gift. 
 On Saka Dawa, we try not to harm other sentient beings by going meatless.
 On Saka Dawa, we place much emphasis on studying the Dharma and developing wisdom.
 On Saka Dawa, we make delicious food offerings.
On Saka Dawa, we remember all our fellow sentient beings who have been our mothers since beginningless time.
On Saka Dawa, we make donations or give charity to those in need (my guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche blessing an ill destitute on the street).
 On Saka Dawa, we spin prayer wheels, this giant one contains 156 billion mantras. 
On Saka Dawa, the Buddha has shown us the Path to Enlightenment, now the rest is up to us.

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