Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Had a special date with 8 ladies last night - Ladies Night - with mom, sis, grandma, grandaunt, aunt shirley, aunt doreen, aunt helen, aunt daphne. We went to watch 881, the Royston Tan's getai (stage songs) movie.

This $1 million musical film is directed by Singaporean Royston Tan (pictured above with the leading ladies - Yeo Yann Yann and Mindee Ong, and actor Qi YuWu). This is timed to be released during this Chinese 7th month, as getai is a popular local activity during this whole month.

881 is the story of The Papaya Sisters, two childhood friends who grew up mesmerised by the glitter and glamour of ‘getai’ (song stage). The musical features glitzy costumes and lavish choreography, with the actors breaking out often into Hokkien and Chinese songs to express their emotions. All the numbers in the film are from the treasure trove of the late Chen Jin Lang, a Singapore ‘getai’ songwriting legend who passed away in August 2006.

Although the storyline is a tad contrived and crappy, the emotions and encounters of the getai singers do reflect the predicament of real life getai singers. Yeo Yann Yann and Mindee Ong put up a reasonable performance. I think Mediacorp should consider signing on Mindee Ong and groom her permanently for Channel 8 viewers. My aunties especially enjoyed the songs which were sang by real life getai singers. I like the elaborate costumes and performance and the splendid acting and singing of real life getai veteran Liu Ling Ling.

Support local production, go watch 881. May you Huat Ah!! (发 - to prosper in hokkien)!!

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