Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Garden Slug

This year, we postponed our usual celebration for Mothers' Day till next weekend, the big one with grandma, aunts and cousins, because it is the kids' exam period now, and also as usual, not everybody is in town to get together. 

So today, it was just me and my parents. Wanted to bring the oldies somewhere to eat, it need not be anything too fancy, could be simple stuff. It did not matter to them. I had wanted to cook for them too, but I had to attend to something the entire afternoon so I would not have time to prepare lunch or dinner either.

On impulse, decided to pay a visit to The Garden Slug, this little restaurant in Telok Kurau which I heard so much of from the people online. Called them to reserve a table just before we left the house. We were early but people were slowly filling up the place, since it was a special day.  

For a start, I ordered these Fried Tofu & Zucchini Fingers. These were deep fried till a golden colour and served with a mild tomato relish.  I prefer the zucchini fingers than the tofu fingers because they were crunchy hot and juicy inside while crispy on the outside, ooh-la-la when taken with the sauce. The tofu felt a tad too plain to me, if without the dip. 

This was their Mothers' Day Special - Tender Fillet of Cream Snapper with Whole Grilled Portobello Mushroom. And this was what Mom ordered. The snapper was lightly pan-seared in olive and with a dash of sea salt. It was served with salad and Guacamole dip. I must say, the portion was humongous with a big mass of chunky potatos. For those with a small appetite, it is better to share.

This was what my Father ordered - Orange Glazed Buttermilk Chicken. It was chicken breast glazed with a citrus wine sauce, with a side salad and pine nuts and again, chunky potatoes. This photo did not do justice to the tender chicken.  I wish I have a camera as my old one just died on me a couple of weeks back. 

This was my choice - Pan-seared Dory Fillet. This was lightly seared with just salt and pepper, topped with capsicum bits and side salad.  It looked almost the same as Mom's Cream Snapper.  It was a hearty meal, and I was too full after that but I wanted to try so many other items on the menu.  I would have wanted to order the Chicken Kebabs too. 

I insisted ordering for desserts although the oldies were quite full by the end of their main course. This was the warm Apple Streusel With Cranberry Bits and topped with Gelato.  I could taste the 'exotic indian spices' they used, which was something slightly different from the norm.

I heart this dessert more - Wobbly Panna Cotta with Lavender-maple glazing, served with strawberries braised in champagne. Any food combined with wine, champagne, any alcoholic content pleases me.  The Panna Cotta melts in the mouth and I tasted a hint of gula melaka, but it was really fantastic. And this is coming from someone who does not usually order any apple strudel or fruity desserts. I normally prefer the rich, sinful and chocolatey desserts.

Hope my parents enjoyed the lunch today. We were lucky that while on the way there, it started to pour heavily only after we got into the car and the rain stopped immediately after we finished lunch. After the heavy lunch, we were all too full. I would definitely come back to The Garden Slug with the rest of the family next time, I'm sure they will like it, especially the desserts. If I am in the vicinity, I would arrange to meet my clients there for a meeting during the weekdays or have a tete-a-tete session with my friends. 

Thanks to the very busy Teri who served us today.

And, happy mommy's day, Mom!

The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau,
#01-59/61 Bright Centre,
Singapore 425500.

Tel: 6346 0504

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