Friday, 20 August 2010

Capturing the randomness of life....

Living the mundane life, capturing the randomness of life...  Love life and life will love you back. 

Saw this old school brand of Shan Dong Peanuts, I thought of my father munching these in the older days. I bought a packet for him, just to see him munch on these and I, reliving the memory.

I did stopped on my tracks because of this awfully designed banner. One look you would not even know what they were trying to sell.  Then next you see salesmen with a file standing next to a construction site, approaching passer-bys and trying to sell condo units by the roadside. I was too shocked.

Tried these before - Twisted Fries?
The skies and clouds are perhaps one of the things that is fickle and ever changing, every second, every minute.  And I like to capture the changes.

I just love this shot of Mom at the hair salon. She was smiling so happily chatting with the hair stylist. 

This blueberry cheesecake baked by Buddy was very delish, although it didn't look good on the outside.

This guy together with his wife and mother in the bus were all holding tissue paper to cover their noses. Why? Because 2 Indian ladies were standing right in front of them. I thought that was a tad insensitive of this family even though I know they might be  suffocating. I couldn't help noticing the eerie shadow figure behind the man though...

Embarking on a train ride along the new Circle Line. This is the Stadium Station, state of the art design.

I didn't know they have this - Rainbow Potong.

The wet market is a gradual diminishing sight in Singapore, as more people opt for the supermarket. I always remember grumbling, trudging along besides Mom when I was a kid doing Sunday marketing at the wet and dirty wet market.

Love this shot of Lhamo, the dog from DPL centre, out for a walk. The evening sun was akin to a divine light shining upon the earth. I pray Lhamo will have a very good rebirth as a human in her next life, which I'm sure she will. ;)

Passed by this new shop in Plaza Singapura, selling paper, stationery, handicrafts. Lots of cutesy stuff. I think niece will like it here.

Love is when you are on an one-day vegetarian diet and your parents also followed suit by having a vegetarian dinner together.

This Malay lady in a wheelchair is waiting for the bus. Do you know how lucky we are to have healthy limbs?

Sometimes I just like to be home alone.

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  1. Insensitive ppl like these ought to be whipped! I feel very sorry for the indian ladies..


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