Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The crazy crazy crazy month of February

I forgot February was a short month. It swept past me like lightning.  It has been a crazy crazy crazy busy blissful month of February, the start of the lunar new year, the rabbit year.  I scrambled to post this "month end closing", summing up February with tons of memories.

Met a special friend for lunch one day
Reunion dinner with family on eve of CNY eve!
Dressed my house up to the nines
Having an auspicious start to the new year
Additional abalone for Lo Hei Yu Sheng
Usual house visitation
Someone bought me delish otah all the way from Muar
Had special New Year Fish on Li Chun
May there be an abundance of gold ($$$$$)
Only my guru can make me wake up & be at the airport by 6am!
Interesting setting sun & clouds
It was a month of very late nights
Kind and humble guru, Dagyab Rinpoche, was here
Compassionate guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, was also here
1st time meeting HH Sakya Trizin, received Amitabha Buddha empowerment
Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave the 2-days Great Medicine Buddha Initiation
Dagyab Rinpoche gave the precious initiation of 16 Drops of Kadampa Deities
Attended amazing Long Life Puja for Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Exciting Dakini dance for Rinpoche
Received many enlightening Dharma teachings

Received heaps of blessings from gurus
Grand 3-days Puja in Suntec, organised by Gaden Shartse DroPhenLing
Received 10 initiations in February!
Dagyab Rinpoche gave the initiation of Yellow Tara
Giant mandala offering to The Three Jewels
Offering flowers to Buddha creates condition for good looks in future lifetimes
Precious autograph & photos taken with guru
Protector Setrap puja to complete Feb
To all my gurus I prostrate with deep gratitude and devotion
My new mantra - "Om patience ah hum!!"
Received Lama Atisha's protection card, blessed by Zopa Rinpoche
Lost count how many times I had Bak Chor Mee
Lost count how many times I was @airport to welcome/send off gurus

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  1. "Month End Closing" This term is so familiar to me. =)

    You had a busy and great Feb, Sis.

    Let's have a greater March. =)


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