Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cundi Bodhisattva

I found the Maha Cundi Dharani Sutra - The Heart of The Mother of 70 billion Buddhas - by chance and I found it so unbelievable that it's that unbelievably easy for us layman to clear our negative karma if we set our hearts to it.

Maha Cundi Bodhisattva is known as the mother of Buddhas, also is one form of Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin). She is the seated figure with 18 arms, various Dharma implements she holds represent the many skillful means of Tantra. In Tibetan Vajrayana, Maha Cundi is less well known, and many Tibetan rinpoches have not heard of her, she is more well known in Chinese and Japanese Vajrayana.
Here are some excerpts of this Sutra.

Out of great compassion for them, the Buddha decided to expound on the Dharani of Cundi, the heart of the mother of seven kotis of buddhas. Thus, the Buddha revealed the mantra:

Namo Saptanam Samyaksam Buddha Kotinam, Tayatha Om Cale, Cule, Cundi Soha

If any bhiksu(monk), bhisuni(nun), upasaka(layman), or upasika(laywoman) upholds and recites this dharani 800,000 times, all his or her deadly karmic transgressions created since beginningless time shall be eliminated. The individual shall earn the opportunity to meet all buddhas and bodhisattvas wherever he or she is born, and shall be endowed with all accumulations of merit as the individual wishes. The individual shall gain the opportunity to renounce worldly existence in every lifetime, maintaining all the precepts and vows of a bodhisattva. The individual will always be born in the human and heavenly realms and avoid encountering rebirth in the evil paths, and will always be protected by heavenly beings.

If any layperson should uphold and recite this dharani or mantra, his or her household shall be free from affliction and harm of calamity and illness. Everything the person does shall be auspicious; his or her words shall gain the trust and acceptance of others. If one completes a recitation of this mantra 200,000 times, he will dream of the buddhas, bodhisattvas, pratyekabuddhas and sravakas, and see a black substance being vomited out of one's mouth.

Should an individual commit a heavy karmic transgression, upon reciting the mantra 200,000 times he or she shall dream of the buddhas and bodhisattvas and will also, in his or her dreams, vomit a black substance.

If the individual has committed one of the five deadly transgressions, and is unable to receive this auspicious dream, it is advisable that he or she recite the mantra 700,000 times. After this, the individual shall receive the auspicious dream and signs. When the individual dreams of vomiting a white substance such as a thick paste of rice, it clearly indicates that he or she has gained the pure sign of karmic purification.


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