Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Happiness for $2?

I met someone at Tanjong Pagar for lunch near my old office. Supposed to meet at the Jap restaurant, Kai Ho, my favourite Jap restaurant in International Plaza as I miss the food there so much, have not been there for more than a year. As it was impromptu, I did not make a reservation. It was extremely packed as usual. Even the normally-quiet Korean restaurant a few doors away were unusually crowded.

As I walked along the shops to see if there was any new nice interesting places to eat, I stumbled upon this shop called Shinjuku and this is what was printed on its plastic bag. Can you buy Happiness for $2?

Well, you see, they are selling lots of little stuff for just $2 each. Kinda reminded me of the $2 Dollar Shop years ago, but at a very much smaller scale. Mostly hair bands, clips, cosmetics, pouches, keychains etc... The lady promoted these hair oil capsules from Korea to me, supposedly very good. I said ok (since it was only $2 and my hair was getting dry). Also got this VOV shiny lipgloss also from Korea (since it was $2 and my lips were cracking peeling from too much MSG). Also got niece a cute flower rubber band. So, yes, happy it was only $2. :D

I did not forget lunch. So thought of heading towards The Icon condo where there used to be a few restaurants. My goodness, all restaurants have closed down except Sakae Sushi which was doing roaring business. One Jap and another Korean restaurants have closed. Hopped over to Amara Hotel and Subway, Burger King, one Jap restaurant and one Turkish place was so packed. Decided to walk further to the shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road as there was a restaurant selling western food. Alas it was very packed too. Walked further down, 2 Korean restaurants have closed down. Finally saw another Korean restaurant so I had no choice left. I was so famished as it was almost 2pm and I have not taken any food today.

Ordered the Soo Doon Boo Jigae set lunch (photo taken of the menu), which was supposedly to be hot pot of kimchi soup with pork and tofu, some side dishes and rice.

Quite disappointed the hotpot turned out like this instead. There was lots of tofu in the kimchi soup but only tiny bits of pork. I wished I had ordered the BBQ pork set instead. The side dishes were kimchi, fishcake, and veggies. Disappointing even though it was less than $10. I should have gone over to one of the 2 small Korean restaurants over at Peck Seah St where I used to eat. Over here, this restaurant did not even have a Saba Fish set. Today was an unlucky day for food.

Then I was in Central to meet someone. After that, since I was there, I went to the basement to Le Petit Provence bakery to buy one of my favourite bread which was very soft and not too sweet. Also bought a pack for sis family as they love it too.

Walking passed the basement, I noticed the spouts of green plants grown in columns. Thought it was nice of them to enhance the otherwise boring grey basement with some greenery. It really made a difference.

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