Thursday, 13 December 2007

Lama Tsongkhapa

I seemed to be having religious dreams frequently nowadays. On the wee morning of 4 Dec last week, I had a long dream. I cant remember the front part except I was with Miss Piggy and some other friends.

Towards the end of the dream as Miss Piggy and me were walking to some place, from far, I saw the side view of a very very huge statue of Lama Tsongkhapa which was about 8 storeys high. His statue was painted very colourful with his robes, in the sitting position. There were many many lamas around his statue, making prostrations. I recognised it was Lama Tsongkhapa because of the yellow pointed hat he was wearing.

I woke up thinking, hmmm.... why did I dream of Lama Tsongkhapa? Then almost immediately I received 2 sms from Drophenling and Amitabha Buddhist Center respectively. That day 4 Dec was Lama Tsongkhapa's Day!! And I didn't know about it at all. It was very auspicious to offer lights on that day.

So in the evening I went to Drophenling for the special puja to Lama Tsongkhapa, Guru Puja and
Tsog offering. Then the most unusual thing happened. Just as we were about to start the puja, a huge bat flew into the prayer hall and circled around near the altar a few rounds before flying off. And also, just when we were about to finish the puja, the bat appeared again and also circled around the altar a few times before flying away. The senior Geshela said that it was a very very auspicious sight, marking a very special day.

Lama Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) was a very great lama who attained enlightenment after his death by achieving an illusory body instead of bardo. He founded the Ganden Monastery and began the tradition of the Ganden Throne Holder (Ganden Tripa) being the head of the Gelug order. His biography can be found

I cant explain how happy I was to have this dream which coincided with Lama Tsongkhapa's day. It is something real special and I am glad to have the connection with him.

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